Book Review: Pay Me in Flesh

Since May is official Zombie Awareness Month, it seemed like a no-brainer to add zombies to my reading list. Pay Me in Flesh by K. Bennett (aka writing guru James Scott Bell) is a strange mix of horror and legal thriller, but it works. We leave behind mindless, diseased zombies and get criminal defense attorney Mallory Caine instead—a woman who’s fighting very hard to hang on to what humanity she has left.

Mallory needs to figure out who turned her into a zombie and why, but she still has bills to pay, so finding answers will have to fit in to an already complicated schedule. She’s also hearing voices in her head, and her old boyfriend wants to get back together. (A bad idea considering Mallory literally wants to nibble on his earlobes.)

Bennett gives us a fresh look at zombies and the fate of a human soul, and there is some beautiful imagery woven into the descriptions. Humor lightens up an otherwise dark story, but Pay Me in Flesh won’t appeal to everyone, especially those with sensitive stomachs. Zombies. Enough said.

The second book in the Mallory Caine series—The Year of Eating Dangerously—released in February. I ate the Sheriff is scheduled to release August 1.

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