Book Review: Endlessly

Sixteen-year-old Evie just wants to be a normal teenager—to watch her favorite teen melodrama Easton Heights with her BFF and hang out with her boyfriend Lend. But Evie’s life will never be completely normal considering her BFF is a vampire, Lend is a shape-shifter, and Evie has the ability to see through glamours. Paranormals like vampires, faeries, and werewolves can’t use magic to hide their true nature from Evie.

The IPCA—International Paranormal Containment Agency—wants to use Evie and her unique skill to control paranormals. The paranormals want Evie to help them return to the realm they were forced to leave ages ago. No matter how hard Evie tries to disentangle herself from the situation, she keeps getting pulled back in, and she knows she has to do the right thing even if it means saying goodbye to Lend.

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The series that began with Paranormalcy wraps up with Endlessly, and Kiersten White gives readers a satisfying conclusion without making it too neat or too obvious. As always, White’s sense of humor adds a thoroughly enjoyable layer to the story. (Evie has a hot pink, rhinestone-covered Taser she’s nicknamed Tasey, and she’s not afraid to use it.) The characters are well-developed and totally loveable (or appropriately hate-able), and that’s what makes it so hard to reach the end. Evie’s been through a lot though and deserves the chance to be a normal teenager. I can’t deny her that.

Fortunately, readers can look forward to a new series from Kiersten White next year. Her edgy, supernatural thriller titled Mind Games is due to be released in February 2013.

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