The Revolution Begins

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NBC’s new series Revolution made its debut last night. The pilot episode starts quickly with Ben Matheson rushing in the door to warn his family that “the power is going to turn off, and it’s never going back on.”

We then jump ahead fifteen years. After the global blackout, America is divided into republics, its citizens residing in small communities. Ben Matheson, now a widower, leads a quiet life in the Monroe Republic with his daughter Charlie and son Danny. One day the Monroe militia arrives looking for Ben, and tension between the villagers and the soldiers leads to violence. The militia leave a wounded Ben behind, taking Danny instead. Before he dies, Ben tells Charlie to find her uncle Miles. Miles can get Danny back from the militia.

Accompanied by friends Maggie and Aaron, Charlie journeys to the ruins of Chicago to find her uncle, but Miles isn’t interested in helping. He knows that General Monroe is just using Danny as bait. General Monroe thinks that Miles has information about what caused the blackout and maybe how to turn the power back on. Monroe wants that information so he can have complete control. It’s only after a battle with the militia that Charlie finally convinces Miles to help.

Revolution doesn’t linger on the blackout or the fifteen years leading up to Ben’s death. We’re given just enough information to get started. We’re also given a glimpse of the lawlessness some people have resorted to, so we know the world has changed and the militia isn’t the only thing Charlie and her group need to worry about.

Charlie is smart and capable, but she’s grown up within the shelter of their small community, and she’s perhaps too trusting of outsiders. That’s also her strength. She wants to see the good in people. When Maggie tells her she can’t trust anyone, Charlie replies, “They can’t all be monsters. Some people have to be upright, don’t they?”

Charlie provides a good contrast to Miles who is cynical and only concerned with keeping a low profile—even at the expense of his nephew. All Charlie knows about Miles before they meet is that he’s “good at killing.” Hints about his past ties to Monroe guarantee the Matheson family will be at the center of the conflict.

Revolution is off to a great start. With Jon Favreau (Iron Man) directing and JJ Abrams (Lost) producing, the show has a lot of potential.

Did you watch Revolution? What did you think? Any theories about what caused the blackout?

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2 thoughts on “The Revolution Begins

  1. AHHHHHH!!! I just finished watching it this morning. Those first two minutes were like one of the best “first pages” I’ve ever seen. Plenty of storyworld while keeping the action moving. I love the contrast between Charlie and Miles. (Side Note: how awesome was that Billy Burke fight???) I also wonder should we really trust Aaron? And the special effects were pretty great; I really believed Chicago was in shambles.

    I have no idea what caused the blackout, but I’m officially in to find out what happens next.

    Also, you rock my world with your coolness. We have to see each other this week during conference!

    1. Awesome fight scene! And I definitely think Aaron knows more than he’s letting on. Whether that’s good or bad…I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’m also anxious to see how the situation between Charlie and militia hottie Nate plays out.

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