YA: Not Just for Young Adults

A recent article posted by Publishers Weekly stated that more than half of the consumers purchasing Young Adult books aren’t young adults. Fifty-five percent of them were over the age of 18, and of those adult buyers, the largest group was between the ages of 30 and 44.

I fall into that 30-44 range, and one of the reasons I like Young Adult fiction so much is that it covers everything from ancient history to space colonization, high school prom to epic battles between the gods. Books by Walter Dean Myers and Stephenie Meyer can sit on the same shelf.

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There’s also an exploratory feel to YA fiction. Teens are still forming their opinions of the world, so they tend to be more open to new ideas than adults. They haven’t quite given up on the belief that anything is possible. Maybe that appeals to adult readers who want to be reminded there’s more to the world than what’s right in front of them.

According to the Publishers Weekly article, that 30-44 demographic is the most coveted by publishers, which adds up to a strong market for Young Adult fiction. It’s good news for both readers and writers of YA.

So what do you think? Why is Young Adult so popular with adults? What do you like about YA fiction?

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