Support Your Favorite Authors: Stick It to Them on Pinterest

If you’re on Pinterest, then you’re already set up to support your favorite authors. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

  • 4458295-xsmallIf your favorite author is on Pinterest, follow one or more of their boards. “Like” their pins, repin them, or share them on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Create a virtual bookshelf featuring your favorite authors. You can pin book covers from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, but if your favorite author is on Pinterest, then repin the book cover from his or her board. That way you’re pointing other pinners back to the author (the source of the pin).
  • Create a virtual fan club. Invite your Pinterest friends to join a group board featuring your favorite author or book. Are you a Veronica Roth fan? Why not create a Faction Fan Club board? You and your friends can pin all kinds of images and video clips that focus on the Divergent series—book covers, a trailer for the upcoming movie, author or actor interviews, and numerous pictures of Four.

Just a reminder, please be respectful and keep it legal. In the same way your favorite author went to the trouble of writing the book you love, someone went to the trouble of creating those images, so make sure you’re not “stealing” them. You’re not doing your favorite author any favors if you resort to theft (no matter how incredible that picture of Four is.)

You can get a Pin It bookmarklet that will create a pin from just about anywhere you go on the web. It will link back to the original site, giving credit where credit is due, and that way everyone wins.

What other ways can you use Pinterest to support your favorite authors?

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