Running Lean

Running Lean CoverThis week I have the privilege of introducing YA author Diana L. Sharples and her debut novel Running Lean.

The Facts: 

Diana Sharples lives in north Georgia with her husband and teenage daughter, along with a house full of pets. Diana holds a BFA degree in communication design, and for many years she pursued a career in fantasy illustration. Her work won awards and appeared in publications in the US and Britain. She also wrote genre fiction. In 2005, however, she returned to the fiction she loved as a teen, and began writing a series of young adult novels. Running Lean was the recipient of several 1st place awards for unpublished fiction before it was contracted by Zondervan in 2012.

Diana loves riding her Harley-Davidson motorcycle around the mountains of north Georgia. She volunteers with her church youth program, doing crazy stuff like dancing onstage wearing 80s garb and chaperoning 45 teenagers through the New York subway system on an urban mission trip.

The Fiction: 

Running Lean [run·ning leen] : (1) A term referring to a deficiency of fuel in the fuel-to-air ratio of an internal combustion engine. (2) A physical condition where not enough caloric fuel is present for optimal performance of the body. (3) A spiritual condition in which a believer relies on his own strengths.

Equilibrium. That’s what Stacey and Calvin found in each other. He is as solid as his beloved vintage motorcycle and helps quiet the constant clamor in Stacey’s mind. She is a passionate, creative spirit ­and a lifeline after Calvin’s soldier brother dies.
But lately the balance is off. Calvin’s grief is taking new and more dangerous forms. Voices of self-loathing are dominating Stacey’s life. When struggles with body image threaten her health, Calvin can’t bear to lose another person that he loves. Taking action may destroy their relationship, but the alternative could be much more costly.

The big question: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Diana’s big answer: Super-sonic typing speed! LOL. Okay, maybe that’s not what you were looking for. I think it would be both a blessing and a curse to be able to read minds. A blessing, because I’m fascinated with the way people think and why they do things. A curse, because it would take all the surprise out of life.

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