Teen Read Week

TRW_logo_October 13-19 is Teen Read Week, an annual literacy campaign run by YALSA—the Young Adult Library Services Association (part of the American Library Association). The best part is that it doesn’t just focus on literacy. The point of Teen Read Week is to encourage teenagers to read for fun.

Libraries, schools, and bookstores across the country schedule reading-focused activities that include things like a book-themed “spirit week,” recipes for edible books, and short story contests. But you don’t have to be a teacher or librarian (or even a teen) to participate. Anyone can be a part of Teen Read Week—parents, bloggers, readers, the average citizen on the street.

You can find suggestions for activities in the Teen Read Week Manual, brainstorm on the TRW forum, or come up with your own ideas. The important thing is to encourage reading.

I’m participating this year by blogging about Teen Read Week, sharing information through social media, and encouraging my teenagers to read something just for fun.

How can you encourage a teen to read this week?

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