Indie Bookstores Go Digital

4469844-xsmallPerhaps you find yourself in this predicament: You’d love to support independent bookstores, but you prefer the clutter-free convenience of digital format. If that’s the case, then I have good news for you. Last month GalleyCat featured an article on how you can purchase e-books and still support your local indie bookstore.

You may remember Kobo as the Borders e-reader. Well, Kobo lives on even if the Borders bookstores don’t. You can purchase a Kobo e-reader at participating indie booksellers or you can get a free Kobo app for your PC, Mac, or Android devices. (Kobo won’t work with a Kindle, but you can still purchase and read Kobo e-books on a Nook by using Adobe Digital Editions.)

Your first step is the IndieBound website where you’ll find a list of participating bookstores. Select which bookstore you want to support and click on the link that will take you to their website.

Find the Kobo link on the bookstore’s website and follow the instructions for purchasing your e-book. Using the link on the bookstore’s website is how you give them credit for your purchase.

With just a couple of clicks, you’re set, so relax. No more guilt about not supporting your local bookstore. (Or worrying that you’ll have to turn into a book hoarder to do it.)

©2013 Kim Vandel

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