Train Your Brain

Losing weight and getting in shape are perennial favorites when it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, but we tend to forget that we need to keep our brains in shape too.

Thoughtful sporty woman in bright sports hall holding tablet pcInspired by the upcoming winter Olympics in Sochi, Scholastic has declared January “Get Book Fit” month. They want to remind kids to “train their brains,” not just their bodies, and Scholastic is providing free resources to help parents and educators get involved.

Their “Book Fit” app on Facebook gives daily tips on motivating kids to read, links to freebies, and announcements of giveaways. You can also find inspiration on their Top 10 Ways to Get “Book Fit” list.

Yes, Book Fit month is geared toward kids, but you might end up stealing some of these ideas for yourself. A reading marathon? I’m so there. A book-swap party? So much better than Tupperware or Pampered Chef and cheaper too.

Start 2014 by resolving to do something good for both your body and mind .

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