The Perfect Duo


It’s been a crazy week for me, and I’ve been craving some reading time. I’ve noticed, though, that whenever I picture slipping away from my daily routine, it’s not with just a book in my hand. There’s always a cup of tea to go with it. Somehow books and tea make the perfect reading duo, and I can’t help but wonder why they go together so well.

Perhaps it’s the act of pausing. Hot tea must be sipped, so I have to slow down. I savor the words as I savor the flavor. Perhaps it’s because sharing a cup of tea is what you do when you get together with a friend. Like most bibliophiles, I will readily admit that some of my best friends have been books, and they’ve introduced me to other beloved friends who live within their pages.

I have a history of happy moments spent with pages and leaves. Somehow they’re better when they’re together.

What’s your drink of choice when you read?

©2014 Kim Vandel

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