TV Updates from Dystopia

woman  watching  tvBad news for fans who’ve been waiting for the TV adaptation of Lauren Oliver’s Delirium series. Oliver recently announced that Fox passed on the show. (I know. What were they thinking?)

Bad news for fans of The Selection too. The CW couldn’t find room in their schedule for the TV version of Kiera Cass’s novel. (Again, what were they thinking? Make room.)

But all is not lost. Both authors should be able to get their rights back, so their dystopian novels could still make it to the screen someday.

Until then, Lauren Oliver’s non-dystopian novel Panic releases in March and Universal has already optioned the movie rights.

Two novellas—The Guard and an extended version of The Prince—will be available February 4 as part of The Selection Stories. The first three chapters of The One are included, so fans will have a little something to tide them over until the book releases in May. You can also pre-order a special edition copy of The One from Barnes and Noble. (Been there, done that.)

Which book would you rather have developed into a movie or a TV series—Delirium or The Selection?

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Update June 2014: The pilot for Delirium (you know, the one Fox canceled) will be available on Hulu for thirty days starting June 20, 2014. Don’t have Hulu? Don’t worry. It’s also available on, and you can watch the trailer for the pilot right now:

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