Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00047]I met Charity Tinnin in July of 2012 because of a blog post I wrote about dystopian fiction, and we couldn’t help but become friends. That’s what happens when you find someone who’s as obsessed with YA fiction as you are. (She also has the most awesome pair of pink high heels I’ve ever seen.) Today it’s her turn to talk about dystopian fiction and share the story behind her debut novel Haunted:

“As I write this, it’s Catching Fire Friday. (That is the official title for March 7, 2014, right?) I’ve been counting down the days to this, Divergent’s movie premiere March 21, and The One’s release on May 6. And yes, I have pre-ordered the Barnes & Noble Signed Extended Edition already.

Speaking of The Selection series, why did CW pass on the TV show? I do not understand. Cute boys, fancy dresses, reality TV, and a scary story world—what’s not to love? (Thanks for commiserating with me, Kim).

But I was a fan of dystopian lit before it became en vogue. I was the nerdy girl in high school devouring Brave New World, Alas, Babylon, and Uglies as fast as I could. And I’ll remain a dystopian fangirl long after the frenzy dies down. Why? Because I love the idea that one person can make a difference in a dark world. That no matter how bleak the world looks, there is still hope.

2014 AuthorPhoto (temp)Yet I never set out to write a dystopian series. Really. I was set on writing contemporary romances. Until, in 2010, Noah and Daniel State walked into my head arguing about the morals of liquidation, their version of execution. I didn’t pay any attention until Daniel threatened to kill off my other characters. (Okay, maybe his threat wasn’t that extreme, but he’s dangerous enough, alright?). So I set aside my WIP and gave the brothers NaNoWriMo to impress me. Six weeks later, as I typed the last sentence of Haunted, I knew I couldn’t put them away. Not until their story came to an end, and now four years later, I get to share the beginning with the world. I can’t wait. I hope you fall in love with my brothers like I did. Then we can all finish the journey together.”

THE FACTS: Charity Tinnin’s fascination with dystopian lit began in high school with Brave New World, so it’s no surprise that her debut novel, Haunted, would be a YA dystopian. In addition to authoring the State v. Seforé series, she’s a freelance editor and semi-professional fangirl. Join her on Facebook, Twitter, or her website.

THE FICTION: Punish the guilty or save the innocent? He can’t do both.

 As a liquidator, it’s Noah State’s job to carry out justice for the Elite—which is why they send him to Metro Area Four. There’s evidence of a resistance movement and chatter about a dangerous uprising. Noah’s orders? Stop it at any cost.

Failure means death. But Noah’s haunted by the blood spilled in his past and certain God has condemned him for it. Shedding more isn’t an option.

Then he meets Maddison James, a hospital apprentice with revolutionary leanings, and glimpses a future he thought was lost. A future within reach if they can survive his brother’s interference, a resistance more threatening than anyone imagined, and one unforgivable choice.

THE BIG QUESTION: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

CHARITY’S BIG ANSWER: As a diehard Captain America fan (April 4th, peeps!), I’m going to say that since genetically enhanced individuals normally need little to no sleep, I want that. As a girl with chronic fatigue, I’d love to recharge faster. Think about how much more YA I could read then!

Congrats to Charity! Be sure to pick up your copy of Haunted from Amazon or Barnes & Noble today!

©2014 Kim Vandel and Charity Tinnin

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  1. Wait! Maybe I do like this type of stuff after all, I read Alas, Babylon in high school and loved it! I just don’t know all your words…..dysto…what? 🙂

    Charity, I loved hearing how the brothers talked in your head and made you write their story. Best wishes on your writing journey!

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