cover image Mortis for websiteHannah Cobb takes us to a world of assassins and dark secrets in her YA fantasy Mortis.

THE FACTS: Hannah Cobb lives in Maryland, where she maintains a cover identity as a librarian by day and moonlights as a writer. When she isn’t writing, Hannah enjoys designing elaborate period costumes and collecting swords. Mortis is her first novel. You can find Hannah at

HannahCobb_5BWTHE FICTION: In an underground school rife with duels and deadly classes, Jane hides in the shadows to stay alive. She is the invisible assassin. But as she prepares to graduate from Mortis, Jane stumbles across secrets that reveal dark truths about her school. Will she embrace the darkness, or betray the school that raised her—and the boy she loves? Once Jane sets herself against her school, there is no turning back, because in Mortis failure always means death.

THE BIG QUESTION: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

HANNAH’S BIG ANSWER: I would be telepathic, and either become an awesome CIA operative or use my mind-reading abilities to finally understand what motivates people to do both beautiful and terrible things.

Congratulations to Hannah! Mortis makes its official debut tomorrow, and you can get your copy from Amazon.

©2014 Kim Vandel and Hannah Cobb

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