A Beach and a Book

beach and book memeSummer has officially arrived. ‘Tis the season for road trips, sunburns, and mosquito bites.

I’ve never been much of a camper. Even as a kid, the “roughing it” thing didn’t appeal to me. I prefer a hotel with a real bed and daily maid service. I’d rather have tiki torches along a manicured walkway than a flashlight along the path to a communal restroom. I like the idea of wearing flip-flops to the pool, not in the shower.

My perfect vacation includes sand on the beach instead of in my sleeping bag. It includes turquoise water and a chair sheltered beneath a palm tree. The soothing rhythm of waves washing up on the beach, a cold drink nearby, and a book in my hand. Always a book.

What does your perfect vacation include?

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4 thoughts on “A Beach and a Book

  1. I love being outside near water. It can be a crick :), a river, lake, or ocean. I need sun. I can sleep anywhere, or used to until I got old and achy. Yes, books mandatory. So is my camera. Quiet. Not a lot of people. I love camping, but not those manicured spots where you live closer to your camping neighbors than you do your neighbors at home. I also love the hotels with people to wait on your hand on foot, provided there is a quiet beach I can go to get away from everybody else. Did I just realize I like to go on vacation and not be around people? Me, the extrovert? 🙂

    1. I think a little solitude is good for the soul, no matter who you are, but extroverts and introverts need a different amount of that solitude. And I”m with you – I always keep my camera close.

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