Top 10 Ways to Show Twitter Love to Authors

twitterI have to admit it. I wasn’t a fan of Twitter when I first joined, but it’s really grown on me the last couple of years. It’s become one of the most versatile forms of social media out there, and that makes Twitter one of the best places to show social media love to authors.

My Top 10 Ways to Show Twitter Love to Authors:

1. Follow your favorite authors. Just keep in mind that an author’s Twitter handle might not be the same as their name. (For example, Jessica Keller’s handle is @AuthorKeller.) If you’re not sure about the author’s Twitter handle, enter their name in the search bar at the top of the screen, and a list of suggestions will pop up. Another option is to start at the author’s website. Most authors will have a link from their website to their Twitter profile.

2. Favorite a tweet. It could be a big announcement or just a random thought for the day. Whatever it is, let those authors know that you like what they’re saying.

3. Retweet. Don’t just favorite that tweet, retweet it, especially if it’s an announcement about something fun like a giveaway. You can generate excitement and get people talking about your favorite authors.

4. Reply. A lot of authors tweet questions for their followers, so take advantage of it and reply! Or maybe an author just announced a book signing event in your area. Tell them you can’t wait to meet them. Let your favorite authors know that you’re out there and you’re listening.

5. Mention your favorite authors. Tweet something fun or intriguing about the author’s book that will encourage your followers to check it out. When you do, mention the author by including their Twitter handle in your tweet.

Twitter mention

6. Use a hashtag. The #hashtag phenomenon originated with Twitter, and it’s one of the most effective (and fun) tools to show some social media love to your favorite authors. When you mention an author or tweet about one of their books, be sure to include a hashtag. It can be a popular hashtag like #amreading, or you can get creative and make up one of your own: #NewBookBoyfriend, #fictionalhottie, #YAawesomeness.

7. Create a list. A list is a group or collection of Twitter accounts that you put together.

Twitter list 1

When you view the list timeline, you only see tweets from the accounts you’ve selected.

Twitter list tweets

Other Twitter users can subscribe to your list, so make it easy for people to find and follow your favorite authors. Create a list and give it a clever (but descriptive) name so your followers won’t be able to resist checking it out. For more info on making a list, go to

8. Give a Follow Friday shout-out. Friday is the traditional day for recommending accounts to other Twitter users, so it’s the perfect excuse to mention your favorite authors. Include a short description like “Must-read YA” in your tweet along with the author’s Twitter handle and one of the Follow Friday hashtags: #FF, #followfriday, or #ff.

Follow Friday tweet

9. Tweet a picture. Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet, but “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so post a selfie of you with the latest book from your favorite author. Or how about a shelfie—a picture of your bookshelf with that awesome new addition? Do you have a new book-inspired manicure or tattoo? It’s all good. Just be sure to mention your favorite author when you post your tweet.

Twitter image

10.Tweet a video. Share a book trailer from the author’s website or from YouTube. Or post a six-second Vine showing your reaction to the five-star book you just finished. Don’t forget to mention the author and include a hashtag.

What other ways can you show Twitter love to your favorite authors?

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