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Wilek and Trevn felt the presence of demons were far too risky for their people and continued north until they reached a city like nothing they’d ever seen. Roads filled with strange transports were far too dangerous to walk near, so they stuck to the rivers and lakes until they got lost in a city filled with magical lights and noise. Wilek stopped at an establishment called Starbucks to ask a passerby the name of this place. Stop #5, Redmond, WA was the answer, home of Kim Vandel’s Under Fire series.

Kim Vandel photoKim Vandel grew up on a steady diet of Saturday morning Justice League cartoons and Sunday morning Bible stories. It was inevitable that the two would someday merge into the concept of Guardians—men and women with God-given “superpowers.” She worked in the field of environmental science before staying home to be a full-time mom and writer, and she now uses her science background to bring the speculative element of her fiction to life. Kim lives in the often gloomy Seattle suburbs, which suits her and her writing style just fine. When she’s not reading or writing YA fiction (or tending to Guardian business), you can find her hanging out on social media. To learn more about Kim, visit her My Journey page.

Here’s a closer look at Into the Fire, book one in the Under Fire series:

ITF cover thumbnailChosen by God. Hoping there’s a way out. When Kate meets Nathan, he reveals the existence of the Guardians–men and women with God-given superpowers. But not all Guardians honor their calling to protect innocent lives. Some choose to prey on the innocent instead. Nathan’s touch leaves Kate with a flame-shaped mark on her wrist, the sign she’s been chosen as a Guardian. Suddenly she finds herself in the middle of a conflict that’s been burning between the Guardians and their Fallen brethren for over a thousand years. While Kate waits for her dormant ability to emerge, she has to endure combat training with Hassan, an ex-terrorist who enjoys taking shots at her already low self-esteem. He also draws out the side of her that wants to fight back, and if Kate can find the courage to believe God is offering the life she’s always wanted, Hassan might just be the one to help her start living it.

Wilek and Trevn managed to find a grassy field with a purple “W” in the center to make camp for the night. The field is surrounded by empty chairs, as if this is some sort of arena for battle. The kinsman people have no desire to be caught up this land’s struggles and hope to leave as soon as possible.

Why Redmond?

Redmond, Washington is one of Seattle’s many suburbs. This growing city of 60,000+ residents is east of Seattle—a short trip across Lake Washington on the Evergreen Point floating bridge.

Redmond is a mix of residential, commercial, and natural areas. You can walk or bike along the Sammamish River Trail or explore Marymoor Park’s sprawling 640 acres. Redmond is also the home of Microsoft, Nintendo America, and 15 Starbucks.

So why did I pick Redmond as my setting for Into the Fire?

  1. Seattle and its suburbs have a dark and moody reputation that fit the tone of Into the Fire.
  2. Redmond is basically in my backyard. I know it well, so I can give readers a realistic setting—all the little details that make a story come alive.
  3. The variety of settings in and around Redmond is an author’s dream. If I want a big city scene—traffic, skyscrapers, bright lights, lots of people, and plenty of noise—Seattle is just a few minutes away. If I need a natural setting—a lake, river, or acres of trees—Redmond offers that too. A quiet residential street, a shopping mall, a used book shop. Redmond is full of possibilities.
  4. Perched on the shores of Puget Sound, with the Olympic and Cascade mountains as a backdrop, Seattle is a beautiful place. I love where I live, so I’ll take any chance I get to show it off.
  5. Did I mention there are 15 Starbucks?

You can order Into the Fire on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, or Kobo.

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