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Book One: Into the Fire

Winner the 2016 Realm Makers “debut” award.

Chosen by God. Hoping there’s a way out. 

When Kate meets Nathan, he reveals the existence of the Guardians—men and women with God-given “superpowers.ˮ But not all Guardians honor their calling to protect innocent lives. Some choose to prey on the innocent instead.

Nathan’s touch leaves Kate with a flame-shaped mark on her wrist, the sign she’s been chosen as a Guardian. Suddenly she finds herself in the middle of a conflict that’s been burning between the Guardians and their Fallen brethren for over a thousand years.

While Kate waits for her dormant ability to emerge, she has to endure combat training with Hassan, an ex-terrorist who enjoys taking shots at her already low self-esteem. He also draws out the side of her that wants to fight back, and if Kate can find the courage to believe God is offering the life she’s always wanted, Hassan might just be the one to help her start living it.

Praise for Into the Fire:

“One of the best YA debut novels I’ve read in years.”
Charity Tinnin, author of Haunted

“So, so good. Vandel does all the good stuff of supernatural teen stories–and does it better.”
K.M. Weiland, author of Storming and Amazon bestseller Outlining Your Novel

“Vandel’s debut shines in a market where well written
young adult urban fantasy is hard to find.”
Jess Evander, author of the TimeShifters series

“I’ll be picking up the next book for sure.
Christian speculative fiction is hard to find; this one is recommended.”
Amanda G. Stevens, author of the Haven Seekers series

“A can’t-put-down story that will have you thinking about
the characters for days after you read the last line.”
Lynnette Bonner, bestselling author of The Shepherd’s Heart
and Sonnets of the Spice Isles series

“Check out Into the Fire and you’ll be a fan of the series and Kim Vandel.”
Dennis Brooke, author of The Last Apostle

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