A Missing Book is Found

18467710Maybe you remember my post on Heather Brewer’s missing book. (Or maybe not.) Well, Ms. Brewer managed to find my obscure little blog, and I’m so glad she did because who knows how long it would have taken me to hear the news otherwise.

The missing book Soulbroken will be released as an e-book by Harper Teen in the fall of 2015. Yay! It’s nice to know there really is such a thing as a happy ending.

You can hear the details from the author herself on her vlog:

The Missing Book

the detectiveIt’s hard to wait for the next book in a series to release. It’s even harder when the release date gets pushed back a month or two (or more). But the worst thing ever is when the next book goes missing. One day you see it on Goodreads or Amazon with an expected release date. The next day it’s gone.

Heather Brewer, author of the bestselling Vladimir Tod series (Eighth Grade Bites), released her first Legacy of Tril book in 2012. I even reviewed Soulbound. It was entertaining and different enough from what I usually read that I planned to read the second installment, Soulbroken, when it released this August. August came but the book didn’t.

Brewer explained (as much as she could) what happened in her vlog. She implied that book two was cancelled because book one didn’t sell well enough. (I have a guess as to why it didn’t sell.*)

It has to be heartbreaking for an author, and it’s disappointing for readers. (Especially when the previous book ends on a total cliffhanger!) But I’m optimistic that the ever-changing publishing industry will provide an avenue for some of these disappearing books to make their way to readers.

I hope—for her sake and for her readers’ sake—that the part Ms. Brewer “can’t talk about” is getting her rights back from Penguin. Maybe she can find a different publisher or maybe she can become one of those hybrid authors and self-publish her Legacy of Tril series.

Have you ever looked forward to a book only to have it disappear?

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*Both The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod and The Slayer Chronicles are urban fantasy (supernatural elements in a real world setting). They have an angst-ridden teen boy as the main character, and the age range for readers is 12-17. Legacy of Tril is set in a fictional world and features a butt-kicking teen girl. The age range is 14-17. My guess is that it all comes down to “branding.” Legacy of Tril was too much of a departure from the type of book Heather Brewer is known for, so it didn’t do well with her audience (who she affectionately refers to as her “minions”). Her new series, The Cemetery Boys, returns to the genre that made her a bestselling author, and I have a feeling it will do much better than Legacy of Tril.

Book Review: Soulbound

Heather Brewer is best known for her boy-friendly vampire novels (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod and The Slayer Chronicles), but her new Legacy of Tril series is butt-kicking fantasy for girls.

In Soulbound, Brewer takes us to the land of Tril where Healers are magically bound to skilled warriors called Barrons. Born as a Healer, Kaya journeys to Shadow Academy for her formal training, but when she finds out the enemy is targeting Healers, she decides that relying on a Barron for protection won’t be enough. She needs to learn how to protect herself. Trayton, Kaya’s Barron, is the logical choice for an instructor, but he’s reluctant to break the strict protocol that forbids Healers from learning to fight. Even though she’s bound to Trayton, Kaya can’t seem to stay away from Darius—especially when Darius is willing to break the rules and train her in the art of warfare.

Soulbound blends ninja-style action with the familiar elements of a love triangle, the mean girl, and a BFF always ready with a snarky comment, but Brewer gives us more than just an entertaining read. She digs into her characters, making us feel Trayton’s hesitancy and the weight of Darius’s past. Regret, fear, and love tangle together as Kaya struggles to find a balance between independence and openness. Soulbound has the self-indulgent feel of dessert but without the empty-calorie guilt.

Book two of the Legacy of Tril series is titled Soulbroken. It’s scheduled for release in August 2013.

©2012 Kim Vandel

Update: As of September 2013, publication of Soulbroken has been cancelled. See Heather Brewer’s vlog for details.

Update, October 2013: Soulbroken will be published as an ebook by Harper Teen in the fall of 2015. Yay!